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Summer Jobs for Professional or Student Staff

Hey, y'all!

My name is Nikki Laird, and I am the Coordinator of Residence Life at the Duke University Talent Identification Program. Duke TIP serves academically gifted students in grades 7-12 through our summer programs. These programs take place across the country and internationally. We are especially seeking juniors, seniors, and graduate students with residence life experience to work with us this summer. If you have great student leaders or staff members who are still looking for summer jobs, please let them know about this experience. Also, if you have summers off, we have a few administrative positions left (similar to a Resident Director job).

The On-Site Coordinator and Residence Life Coordinator positions are great practicum experiences for graduate students in education-related fields. The Duke TIP staff is happy to work with your campus representatives to make any of these positions a practicum or internship experience for you.

Here are some short descriptions of the available positions:

On-Site Coordinator: An On-Site Coordinator oversees the daily logistics at each Summer Studies Program campus. He or she ensures the completion of all administrative duties, controls and reports expenses, and assists with planning residential activities. The On-Site Coordinator reports directly to the Coordinator of Educational Programs at Duke TIP. (1 position still available at the Appalachian State University site only.)

Residence Life Coordinator: A Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) assists the On-site Coordinator with daily program operations by directly supervising the Residence Hall Leaders and Residential Counselors. The Residence Life Coordinator coordinates the organization of student housing, leads residential staff training sessions, organizes weekly and daily duty schedules, and coordinates the planning of social and recreational activities for students. (1 position still available at the Davidson College site only.)

Residence Hall Leader: Residence Hall Leaders supervise the Residential Counselors (RCs) and organize student activities at each Summer Studies Program campus. Residence Hall Leaders also supervise a group of 12-16 students. (1 position still available at each of these sites: Appalachian State University, Davidson College, and University of Kansas.)

Residential Counselor: Residential Counselors (RCs) supervise groups of 12-16 students, organize activities and serve as positive role models for participants in each Summer Studies Program. (Positions still available at Appalachian State University, Davidson College, Duke Marine Lab, University of Kansas, and Texas A&M University sites.)

For more information, including program dates, salaries, and full job descriptions and requirements, please visit:

We only have a few positions left, and would like to fill them quickly. If you are interested in applying for one of the positions above, please send your resume to and indicate the position(s) and site(s) for which you'd like to be considered.

Thanks for your time!
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