littleduckyquack (littleducky) wrote in reslifeprostaff,

ra training and programming

hey all,

i'm a new member to this group, and have a few questions i'd like to ask you about your training programs.

we're looking to revamp a lot of our current training, in terms of sessions offered, separating new RAs from returning RAs, and community building activities.

what's worked well for you at your campus? would you be willing to share a sample timeline of what your training schedule looked like?

i know we're all struggling to get through the first few weeks of the semester, but i thought i'd put this out there before i forgot.
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I don't know how big your school is, cause this really only works at a big school... But we did some days where everyone had to attend the same training sessions (it's inevitable), and then we had "conference days" where we would have 8 1-hour sessions for two days. We'd ask the most competent returning RAs to present, and then all the prostaff would also present. We would designate "areas" like diversity, counseling, self-care, programming, etc. And RAs had to attend a certain number in each area, but once they hit all those areas, they could attend as many others as they wanted. To track it, we created a "passport" (our theme was "Crusin"--like a cruise ship) in the back of the training schedule booklet, which was really a tracking sheet with squares for each of the required sessions. Each session had a specific sticker that we would place on the tracking sheet, so it was like we were "stamping" the "passport".

Most of the RAs really liked it--especially the returners, because they felt like we trusted them and respected them enough to let them help.
that sounds like a really good idea, especially since a lot of the feedback from the returners was that they didn't want to go to the same sessions at every training. and i like the idea that it gives them freedom to choose what they learn about.

i'm at a fairly small school, but i like the idea of breaking out into areas of programming. some of our staff felt like they didn't know how or what some of the types of programming we were discussing looked like or how to program to them, this would give them an opportunity to see what it's like.
Shoot an e-mail to bathtubmary AT hotmail DOT com and when I'm back in the office Monday I'd be happy to send you our training schedules.